Watch commencement live via streaming video!


PLEASE NOTE: Streaming video will be available about 15 minutes before each commencement ceremony begins. Your computer may show an error message if you visit the site before the live feed begins.


Only on Saturday, May 9, 2015, click here to watch MTSU’s commencement ceremonies live !

You will need Windows Media Player to view the video feed on May 9. If you don’t have it installed, you may download the free software by clicking on the appropriate links below. Please be aware that the video feed currently is accessible via desktop, laptop and tablet computers.

Smartphones will need third-party apps to view the live feed. MTSU suggests, but can’t guarantee, the following:

  • Android phones — MX Player, downloadable here.
  • iPhones — Streamer, downloadable here.
Troubleshooting — from the MTSU Information Technology Division

Are you having problems viewing the special event video stream? Try the following:

1. If your computer lacks Windows Media Player, click on the Windows Media Player options above. Select the appropriate one for your computer, download it and install it. Then retry by clicking on the “watch MTSU’s Science Building Opening Ceremony live” link above.

2. Your connection is based primarily on your Internet connection. A broadband connection (such as Comcast or the MTSU campus) will provide the best connection possible. With it, you should get a good audio and video stream.

If your connection is DSL or dial-up, you may only get an audio feed (and possibly a jumpy video). This is a limitation of your computer’s Internet connection. To optimize your reception in these cases, ensure that Windows Media Player is the only program running and ensure that it’s buffering the connection.

3. The image your computer receives is dictated by the Information Technology Division’s sending server, not your computer. While it’s possible to increase the size of the image, its fidelity will not increase. (Audio should not be affected). ITD intentionally keeps the image small so that many users can receive the feed  simultaneously.

4. If the clickable link won’t launch your Windows Media Player, try the following:

  • Download and install Windows Media Player onto your PC or Mac.
  • Launch your Media Player.
  • Windows Media Player should have the standard Microsoft box around it. If you’re using Player 12 and don’t see the box, click on the small button on the upper left-hand corner of the Media Player image, which will activate the Windows box.
  • Select “File,” then “Open URL.”
  • Type in mms://mtmedia.mtsu.edu/wmtencoder/gradlive
  • This should open your Media Player and automatically connect to the MTSU streaming server. By default, your Media Player will buffer the stream, which is a good idea.

5. When the ceremony ends, the broadcast will end and your Media Player will show a dark screen. You should close the Media Player at this time. Live special event broadcasts are available beginning about 15 minutes before the ceremony starts and ending about 15 minutes after the ceremony concludes.

You can find information on purchasing a DVD of the commencement ceremony here.